The Maxwell-Schrödinger-Dirac correspondence in auto confined electromagnetic fields

J.W. Vegt

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    The dynamic Equilibrium Equation expresses the conditions for a dynamic equilibrium related to the electromagnetic force desities at any space and time coordinate in an arbitrary electromagnetic field configureation. It has been demonstrated in earlies publication (3,4) that quantum mechanical relationships like the Schrödinger- and the Dirac equations can be presented in a way similar as the Dynamic Equilibrium Equation (3) for auto confined electromagnetic fields, indicated as AEONs (Auto Confined Electromagnetic Entities). In this article the auto confinement is discussed of monochormatic electromagnetic fileds due to electromagnetic interaction with an infinite lifetime, (AEONs). New physical possible configurations of electromagnetic fields are presented in the last section, which configurations have the possibility to generate, mass, charge and spin in a stable configuration. It is demonstrated in (11) - (25) that monochromatic electromagnetic self confinements with an infinite lifetime (1, 4,5), based on electromagnetic interaction 9AEONs), physically may exist and form a fundamental underlaying aspect of any theory, describing the inner structure of subatomic particles. Besides the presented theory would offer a more fundamental explanation for the observed transitions of matter into electromagnetic radiation and opposite transitions.
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