The Gem Tower: A Hybrid Renewable Energy Unit for Festivals

E. Pujadas (Corresponding author), W.J.H. (Patrick) Lenaers, Floor van Schie, Marius Lazauskas, S.P.G. Moonen

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The Green Energy Mill (GEM) tower is the first mobile hybrid unit of its kind to supply renewable energy to festivals. The energy that the hybrid unit generates from wind and solar resources is stored in a Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) until needed. The hybrid unit is both foldable and transportable and can be stored on site in two twenty-foot equivalent unit (TEU) shipping containers. It also has a transportable foundation that can be installed on various types of surface with no need for earthworks. This study will be focused on the following four main aspects of the design and the construction of the hybrid unit (a) parametric optimization study; (b) unit stability; (c) foundation; and, (d) installation and transportation. The GEM tower has already been installed at several locations and technical aspects of the hybrid unit are reported in this paper, providing useful knowledge for future structures with similar characteristics.
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TijdschriftStructural Engineering International
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StatusGepubliceerd - jan. 2021


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