The Euromanager profile: a hierarchy of competences? : a workshop report

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In this interdisciplinary workshop we will examine the competences required of the internationally oriented business-person, e.g. professional, conceptual, interpersonal and cultural (in its many varieties) and attempt to place them in a hierarchy of significance. In the discussion we intend to examine with the participants the propositions that the nature of the communication situation determines the salience of a particular competence and that this competence is, however, always rooted in and determined by the totality of a developed personality.
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TitelEurope on the move : fusion or fission? (Proceedings of the 1994 SIETAR Europa Symposium, March 11-13, 1994, Jyväskylä, Finland)
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StatusGepubliceerd - 1994
Evenementconference; SIETAR Europa 1994; 1994-03-11; 1994-03-13 -
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Congresconference; SIETAR Europa 1994; 1994-03-11; 1994-03-13
AnderSIETAR Europa 1994


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