The effects of logo frame design on brand extensions

Yu Shan Athena Chen (Corresponding author), Lien Ti Bei

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Purpose: The purposes of two experiments were to examine how brands may create a broad brand impression and benefit brand extensions by crafting logo frames. Design/methodology/approach: Two experimental studies were conducted. Study 1 examines how removing and breaking logo frames expands perceived brand breadth. Study 2 considers the implication of this logo frame effect and indicates the impact of logo frames on brand extension scenarios. Findings: Removing and breaking logo frames could expand perceived brand breadth and, in turn, benefits the brand extensions, especially for promotion-focused consumers. However, prevention-focused people held favorable brand extension attitudes when the brand logo constructs a complete frame due to its perceived trustworthiness. Research limitations/implications: As an initial exploration, this study conceptualizes and manipulates logo frames as full framed, partial framed and open logo. Future research studies could include further design features in the examination. Practical implications: If a brand seeks to be broad, removing or breaking its logo frame is an alternative. However, consequential negative impressions on brand extension attitudes among prevention-focused customers should be considered. Originality/value: This study is the first investigation into the impacts of logo frame patterns on consumers’ perception of brand breadth and the consequent extension attitudes.

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TijdschriftJournal of Product & Brand Management
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