The CIO2 content of chlorine obtained by electrolysis of NaCl

P.G. Westen, J.G. Hoogland

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    Cl obtained by discharge of Cl- at a graphite anode contains a small amt. of ClO2 if chlorate is present in the electrolyte. Measurements of the rates of the reactions involved show that this ClO2 is not formed by a chem. reaction in the bulk of the electrolyte nor in the diffusion layer. Whether it is formed electrochem. could not be ascertained definitely. In an explosion buret, no acceleration of the reaction between H and Cl was detected when ClO2 was added in small amts. Consequently, it seems improbable that this ClO2 initiates the explosions occurring in electrolytic cells in which Cl and Na amalgam is produced if the H content of the Cl rises to >10%. [on SciFinder (R)]
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