The Ariadne infrastructure for managing and storing metadata

S. Ternier, K. Verbert, G. Parra, B. Vandeputte, J. Klerkx, E. Duval, V. Ordóñez, X. Ochoa

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    Reusing digital resources for learning has been a goal for several decades, driven by potential time savings and quality enhancements. Although the rapid development of Web-based learning has increased opportunities for reuse significantly, managing learning objects and making them accessible still entails many challenges. This article presents and analyzes the standards-based Ariadne infrastructure for managing learning objects in an open and scalable architecture. The architecture supports the integration of learning objects in multiple, distributed repository networks. The authors capture lessons learned in four architectural patterns.
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    TijdschriftIEEE Internet Computing
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    StatusGepubliceerd - 2009

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