Temperature dependence of spin relaxation time in InAs columnar quantum dots at 10 to 150K

S. Nakanishi, K. Sasayama, Y. Oyanagi, R. Yamaguchi, S.L. Lu, L.H. Li, A. Fiore, A. Tackeuchi

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We have investigated carrier spin relaxation in InAs columnar quantum dots (CQDs) using time-resolved photoluminescence measurement. The CQDs were formed by depositing a 1.8 monolayer InAs seed dot layer and a short-period GaAs/InAs superlattice (SL). The spin relaxations of the 3- and 35-period SL CQDs show double exponential decay up to 50 and 130 K, respectively. The spin relaxation times of the fast component, whose amplitudes are 4-11 times larger than that of the slow component, are around 100 ps for the two samples. For the 3-period SL CQDs, the fast spin relaxation time shows no temperature dependence up to around 50 K, indicating the relevance of the Bir-Aronov-Pikus process. The slow spin relaxation time of the 35-period SL CQDs was found to decrease from 3.42 ns at 10 K to 0.849 ns at 130 K. This large change may be explained by the Elliott-Yafet process considering acoustic phonon scattering. (C) 2012 The Japan Society of Applied Physics
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TijdschriftJournal of Applied Physics
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StatusGepubliceerd - 2012


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