Tele-operated service robots : ROSE

M.P.W.J. Osch, van, D. Bera, K.M. Hee, van, Y. Koks, H. Zeegers

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Service robots are robots that are intended to perform tasks normally done by humans in an environment in which humans work as well. However, they are neither required to accomplish these tasks in the same way as humans nor need to look like a human being. A tele-operated robot is controlled from a distance (near or far) by a human operator. The human operator can control the robot either by joysticks or by instructions. This paper describes the design and experiment results of a tele-operated service robot, ROSE (Remotely Operated SErvice robot) [1]. ROSE was developed to perform home-care tasks. Experiments with ROSE have shown this is feasible. ROSE was controlled from a distance (8 km) by care givers to perform small tasks for elderly. The design of ROSE can be used to develop service robots for other domains, e.g. to perform security tasks, building maintenance and construction. Keywords: Robot ROSE; Domestic robots; Service robots; Tele-operations; Home care; Elderly care; ADL; Field testing; System architecture
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TijdschriftAutomation in Construction
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StatusGepubliceerd - 2014

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    Osch, van, M. P. W. J., Bera, D., Hee, van, K. M., Koks, Y., & Zeegers, H. (2014). Tele-operated service robots : ROSE. Automation in Construction, 39(1), 152-160.