Tegelen: supporting individual and group reflection through a dynamic, structured and tangible tool

Y.S. Arslan, Ine Mols, Caroline Hummels

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The municipality of Eindhoven is exploring her new role in a tra
nsforming society, just as other local governments. This role requires (behavior) changes on personal, organizational and societal levels. In this paper we shed light on how reflection for civil servants can be stimulated and supported through design. We present our qualitative empirical study carried out in the municipality of Eindhoven, which resulted into the
reflection tool called Tegelen. Herein, we introduce a novel approach to support reflection for both personal as organizational usage, within indiv
idual and group sessions. Evaluating the concept in context showed that reflection benefits from the combination of cognitive and creative elements integrated in a dynamic and structured approach. Moreover, we experienced that embedding academic insights a ccompanied with the design process itself can support designers working in non - design environments to create trust and engagement with stakeholders. Longitudinal usage and further research is needed to explore the potential of Tegelen to support to reflect
ion and stimulate behavior change in the long run.
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TitelDesign Research Society 2018
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StatusGepubliceerd - 2018
EvenementDesign Research Society 2018: Catalyst - University of Limerick, Limerick, Ierland
Duur: 25 jun 201828 jun 2018


CongresDesign Research Society 2018
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