Technique for image interpolation using polynomial transforms

B. Escalante Ramírez, J.B. Martens

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    We present a new technique for image interpolation based on polynomial transforms. This is an image representation model that analyzes an image by locally expanding it into a weighted sum of orthogonal polynomials. In the discrete case, the image segment within every window of analysis is approximated by a finite set of polynomial coefficients. We show how the problem of interpolating an image can be approached by interpolating the smooth window function used to locally analyze the image. Comparison with the existing interpolation techniques illustrates the good performance of the method presented in this paper.
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    TitelVisual communication and image processing'93 : 22 October 1993, Cambridge, USA
    RedacteurenG.G. Haskell, H.M. Hang
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    StatusGepubliceerd - 1993

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