Teaching hypertext and hypermedia through the web

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Since early 1994 the introductory course 2L670, "Hypermedia Structures and Systems", has been available on World Wide Web, and is an optional part of the curriculum in computing science at the Eindhoven University of Technology. The course has since been completed by more than 200 students from three different universities, two in the Netherlands and one in Belgium. Since January 1st 1996 the course is also offered at two more Dutch universities and at the Dutch Open University. In order to participate in this course the student only needs a World Wide Web browser. There is no need for separate e-mail, netnews, bulletin boards or ftp software. In this paper we present the technical environment for the latest edition of the course, which features automatic evaluation of small assignments, a repository for assignment work, a discussion system, and complete monitoring of each student's progress. We also reflect on the previous architecture, used for the first 200 students, and draw lessons from that experience.
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