Teachers’ prior experiences and actual perceptions of professional identity

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After a review of literature, 14 items were generated which represent teachers’ professional identity. The participating teachers (n = 28) were requested to express and clarify their actual perception for each item. In addition they were asked to draw so-called story-lines from the present to the past and to clarify the highest and lowest points in these lines. The respondents were secondary school teachers with an average teaching experience of 21 years. All of them perceived their actual professional identity as positive. The teachers’ stories of their experiences demonstrate so-called progressive rather than regressive lines in their careers. Some teachers also demonstrate so-called stability story-lines, i.e. lines without high(est) and low(est) points. It is argued that—in the long term—these and other research findings can be relevant to those who are responsible in schools for the further development of teachers’ careers.

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