Teachers' opinions on quality criteria for Competency Assessment Programmes

L.K.J. Baartman, T.J. Bastiaens, P.A. Kirschner, C.P.M. Vleuten, van der

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    Quality control policies towards Dutch vocational schools have changed dramatically because the government questioned examination quality. Schools must now demonstrate assessment quality to a new Examination Quality Center. Since teachers often design assessments, they must be involved in quality issues. This study therefore explores teachers’ opinions on assessment quality evaluation criteria. Pre-vocational and vocational teachers (N=211) responded to a questionnaire. Contrary to expectations, results show that teachers deem classical and competency-based quality criteria equally important. Vocational teachers gave higher importance scores than pre-vocational teachers, possibly due to the pressure they experience to improve the quality of their assessments.
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    TijdschriftTeaching and Teacher Education
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