Tangible props for scientific visualization: concept, requirements, application

K.J. Kruszynski, R. Liere, van

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In this paper, we explore the use of printed tangible props as input devices for scientific visualization. Three-dimensional printing technology is used to create a physical representation of data. The object is then used as a tangible input prop, which exactly matches the data. In addition, two-handed interaction with a stylus is performed on the prop without the use of buttons, instead relying on the detection of contact between the stylus and the prop through precise calibration and tracking. This allows the sense of touch to be harnessed to create a more efficient and natural interaction method for scientific visualizations in virtual and augmented reality. We explain the concept of tangible props and where it can be applied. We also consider the technical requirements of systems using such props. Finally, we present our example application, which uses printed tangible props for interactive measurement of marine coral data. The use of tangible props is found to improve the usability of the application.
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