Systematic review on the interaction between office light conditions and occupational health : elucidating gaps and methodological issues

J. van Duijnhoven (Corresponding author), M.P.J. Aarts, M.B.C. Aries, A.L.P. Rosemann, H.S.M. Kort

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The International Commission on Illumination (CIE) recommends researchers to investigate a wide variety of behavioural and health outcomes. However, researchers often investigate only a part of occupational health (OH) in relation to light. A literature study (2002–2017) regarding the relationship between office lighting conditions and OH was performed to identify gaps and methodological issues.

The OH outcomes investigated in this paper were grouped according to the International Classification of Diseases and analysed per category: physical and physiological health, mental health, eye health, sleep parameters and visual comfort.

Findings from the literature study (20 eligible papers) showed that all OH aspects were mostly but not exclusively measured subjectively. Furthermore, most studies investigated only a fraction of office lighting parameters and OH aspects.

It seems that Correlated Colour Temperature (CCT) and illuminance mainly correlate with OH. However, this may also be explained by gaps and methodological issues in studies described in eligible papers. Based on the literature study, an overview was composed elucidating gaps and methodological issues of office lighting and OH studies. It can be used to design and target the purpose of light and health research.
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