System and method for slow wave sleep detection

P.M. Ferreira dos santos da Fonseca (Uitvinder), X. Long (Uitvinder), N.G.P. den Teuling (Uitvinder), R. Haakma (Uitvinder), R.M. Aarts (Uitvinder)

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The present disclosure pertains to a system configured to detect slow wave sleep and/or non-slow wave sleep in a subject during a sleep session based on a predicted onset time of slow wave sleep and/or a predicted end time of slow wave sleep that is determined based on changes in cardiorespiratory parameters of the subject. Cardiorespiratory parameters in a subject typically begin to change before transitions between non-slow wave sleep and slow wave sleep. Predicting this time delay between the changes in the cardiorespiratory parameters and the onset and/or end of slow wave sleep facilitates better (e.g., more sensitive and/or more accurate) determination of slow wave sleep and/or non-slow wave sleep.
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StatusGepubliceerd - 21 dec 2017


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