System and method for cardiorespiratory sleep stage classification

Pedro Fonseca (Uitvinder), Xi Long (Uitvinder), Niek G.P. den Teuling (Uitvinder), Reinder Haakma (Uitvinder), Ronald M. Aarts (Uitvinder)

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The present disclosure pertains to a system configured to determine one or more parameters based on cardiorespiratory information from a subject and determine sleep stage classifications based on a discriminative undirected probabilistic graphical model such as Conditional Random Fields using the determined parameters. The system is advantageous because sleep is a structured process in which parameters determined for individual epochs are not independent over time and the system determines the sleep stage classifications based on parameters determined for a current epoch, determined relationships between parameters, sleep stage classifications determined for previous epochs, and/or other information. The system does not assume that determined parameters are discriminative during an entire sleep stage, but maybe indicative of a sleep stage transition alone. In some embodiments, the system comprises one or more sensors, one or more physical computer processors, electronic storage, and a user interface.
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StatusGepubliceerd - 7 jan 2020


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