Synthesis and characterization of new poly(thienylenevinylene)s with thioether side chains

Francesca Goldoni, Rene A.J. Janssen, E. W. Meijer

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The first poly(thienylene vinylene)s with alkylthio side chains are synthesized by the McMurry reductive polymerisation of the corresponding 2,5-dialdehydes. The polymers PTVa and b show good solubility and comparable optical properties, with the exception of the CD effect, present in PTVb due to its chiral side chains. Furthermore the polymers have optical properties that change upon modification of different parameters, such as the solvent and the temperature.

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TijdschriftPolymer Preprints
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StatusGepubliceerd - 1 aug 1998
Evenement1997 Boston Meeting - Boston, MA, USA
Duur: 23 aug 199827 aug 1998


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