Synchronization of chaotic systems in unidirectional ring networks with delay

T. Oguchi, H. Nijmeijer

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In this paper, we consider the synchronization problem in unidirectional ring networks of chaotic systems with time-delay coupling. Firstly, we introduce the notion of strict semi-dissipativity and show by using the small-gain theorem that the trajectories of coupled systems satisfying the strict semi-dissipativity are bounded. Then we derive a sufficient condition for synchronization of the systems coupled in a unidirectional way by using a stability criterion for delay systems.
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TitelProceedings of the 6th EUROMECH Nonlinear Dynamics Conference (ENOC'08) June 30 - July 4, 2008, Saint Petersburg, RUSSIA
Plaats van productieSt. Petersburg, Russia
UitgeverijInstitute for Problems of Mechanical Engineering
Pagina'sCD-rom 6 pp
StatusGepubliceerd - 2008

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