Sustainability expensive? : the costs of energetic sustainability transparent

A.G.W.J. Proveniers, W.F. Schaefer, P.M. Rovers, R.M.J. Berg, van den, D. Weerdt, van der

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    The overall climate is changing; the main cause of this change in climate is the increasing discharge of carbon dioxide. This is caused by using fossil energy, such as petroleum, coal and other natural sources. The culprit of this exuberant consumption of natural sources is humanity. This applies particularly to the use of fossil foels for generating energy. The Government requirements concerning energetic sustainability for the housing market already rise year by year and the legal regulations will only be stricter in the future. However, still much more would be possible, for instance, measures taken in energy supply, construction and ways to finance sllstainability. In spite of this need to and measurements to create sllstainable residential areas, they stay away and are not build yet. Even if project developers want to build sustainable, costs will hold them back frequently. The most important reason is that project developers cannot clarify the advantages of a sustainable house compared with a standard house, especially on the investment costs for the consumer. To compare these costs a Decision-Making Support Model (DMSM) is generated. This model is an excellent tool to compare the costs between an energetically neutral house and a reference house, which satisfies with the regard to the legal minimum, concerning a longer period of time.
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    TitelChanging Roles: New Roles, New Challenges
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    StatusGepubliceerd - 2009
    EvenementChanging Roles: New Roles and New Challenges (CR09) - Noordwijk aan Zee, Nederland
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    CongresChanging Roles: New Roles and New Challenges (CR09)
    Verkorte titelCR 09
    StadNoordwijk aan Zee
    AnderCR09, Changing Roles: New Roles and New Challenges


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