Supramolecular hydrogels for regenerative medicine

A.C.H. Pape, P.Y.W. Dankers

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    Regenerative medicine is the science of re-creating or repairing living functional tissue, often inside the body. Biomaterials for regenerative medicine are inspired by the extracellular matrix (ECM), which provides the natural scaffold for cells inside the body. The use of supramolecular hydrogels as man-made tunable replacements for the ECM is being investigated because hydrogels offer an aqueous environment. In addition, supramolecular systems offer modularity and dynamics, also found in the ECM. This chapter gives an overview of translational research on different supramolecular hydrogels, showing systems that have been used in vivo in the field of regenerative medicine. We discuss the chemical structures and biomedical applications of various natural compounds, biosynthetic compounds, biohybrid systems, and fully synthetic materials. Furthermore, we discuss tuning of the mechanical properties and functionalization of these hydrogels with bioactive compounds. Both characteristics are essential for their function in contact with cells and for the creation of a regenerative niche, thereby controlling cellular adherence, proliferation, homing, and differentiation.

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    TitelSupramolecular polymer networks and gels
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