Supporting the full BPM life-cycle using process mining and intelligent redesign

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Abstract. Business Process Management (BPM) systems provide a broad range of facilities to enact and manage operational business processes. Ideally, these systems should provide support for the complete BPM life-cycle: (re)design, configuration, execution, control, and diagnosis by the FileNet P8 BPM Suite, which is consistently ranked as one of the leading commercial BPM systems. Taking realistic business scenarios as starting point, we completed a full pass through the BPM cycle with several tools from the FileNet P8 BPM Suite. We checked whether the expected support was provided by these tools and we also tested their interoperability. The outcome of our evaluation is that although strong support exists for the configuration, execution and control phase, process diagnosis and process redesign receive limited support. Interoperability exists between all phases, except between the diagnosis and the design phase.
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