Supervisory control of multilevel discrete-event systems with a bus structure

Martijn Goorden, Calvin Dingemans, Michel Reniers, Asia van de Mortel - Fronczak, Koos Rooda, Wan Fokkink

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High-tech systems often contain a few components with many dependencies across the system, acting as system-level integrating components. In a hierarchical system decomposition, such so-called bus components tend to be placed in the top node. In supervisory control synthesis, this results in a significant increase of the state space. In this paper, a method is proposed to transform a set of plant models and requirement models into a tree-structured multilevel discrete-event system with a bus structure. After recording the dependencies within the system, the bus and the non-bus plant models are identified and separated. Subsequently, each set of plant models is clustered separately, resulting in a multilevel discrete-event system. Finally, these two systems are merged into a single multilevel discrete-event system where bus plant models are distributed over the multilevel discrete-event system. Experimental results of several models available in the literature are reported to assess the applicability of the proposed method.

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Titel2019 18th European Control Conference (ECC)
UitgeverijEuropean Union Control Association
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StatusGepubliceerd - jun. 2019
Evenement18th European Control Conference, ECC 2019 - Naples, Italy, Naples, Italië
Duur: 25 jun. 201928 jun. 2019
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Congres18th European Control Conference, ECC 2019
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