Study on the retention behaviour of low-molar-mass polystyrenes and polyesters in reversed-phase liquid chromatography by evaluation of thermodynamic parameters

H.J.A. Philipsen, H.A. Claessens, H. Lind, B. Klumperman, A.L. German

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Polymers can be characterized under sorption conditions, to obtain information on molar mass and chemical composition. In order to get a better understanding of their retention behaviour under such conditions, the evaluation of thermodynamic parameters obtained from van't Hoff analyses on low-molar-mass polystyrenes (PS) and polyesters (PE) in various THF–water mixtures on a C18 column is described in this study. Linear van't Hoff behaviour was observed in almost all cases. Negative values for both ¿H and ¿S were found for both PS and PE oligomers, which increase with increasing %THF. For ¿S this is explained from multi-site attachment effects. For PS, the non-linear relations between ¿H and ¿S, and degree of polymerization (p) could be properly described by the Stockmayer–Fixman equation. Although less clear, similar trends were found for PE. For PS, evidence for penetration effects of oligomer chains into the bonded chains was obtained. Martin plots for both PS and PE were shown to be non-linear in all investigated eluent compositions. The extent of non-linearity is suggested to depend on the conformation of a polymer in solution. No distinct enthalpy–entropy-compensation temperature (EECT) independent of p was found for PS, thus confirming the findings of an earlier study in which no exact molar mass independence was found under critical conditions. Further evaluation of EECT for PS oligomers revealed a retention mechanism independent of the binary eluent composition. This indicates that conclusions from this study can also be used for a qualitative understanding of sorption mechanisms in the gradient elution mode. Finally, for PS it was shown that ¿G equals zero under critical conditions, thus confirming theoretical predictions.
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TijdschriftJournal of Chromatography, A
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StatusGepubliceerd - 1997


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