Studies of adsorption of bovine serum albumin on resin mixed PES fibrous adsorbents

Y. Zhang, Z. Borneman, G.H. Koops, M. Wessling

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The resin mixed PES-based fibrous adsorbents with open pore structure on the surface were prepared, and their adsorption behavior with BSA was studied. The adsorption isotherm demonstrated that the adsorption was well fitting the Langmuir model. The maximum adsorption capacity was about 139 mg BSA/g adsorbent. The resin Lewatit CNP80ws mixed PES-based fibrous adsorbent with more open pore structure on its surface had much more adsorption capacity with high adsorption rate for BSA. The effective diffusion coefficient of BSA in different resin mixed PES-based fibrous adsorbents was in the range of 1.82 × 10-14 - 8.7 × 10-14 m2/s.The values of diffusion coefficient of BSA in these fibrous adsorbents were comparable with those in resins reported in the literatures. The influence of operation parameters on the behavior of adsorption and desorption of BSA for the weak acidic type cation exchange resin mixed PES-based fibrous adsorbent in different structures was also investigated in this work. The pH of BSA buffer solutions was a very important parameter when the ion-exchange adsorbent was used for separation of proteins. The result indicated that the adsorption capacity was very low when the pH of BSA solutions was above the isoelectric point of BSA.

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TijdschriftActa Polymerica Sinica
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StatusGepubliceerd - apr 2006
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