Students’ learning patterns in higher education and beyond: moving forward

David Gijbels, Vincent Donche, John T.E. Richardson, Jan D. Vermunt

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The idea for this book originated at the first meeting of the ‘learning patterns in transition’ network in December 2011 in Antwerp. This research network sponsored by the Scientific Research Network of the Research Foundation Flanders (FWO) enables 12 international research units to foster a collaborative network and develop a joint research agenda of which the first results are presented in this book. For the name of the network and also for the title of the book, we have deliberately chosen for the term ‘learning patterns’ to include the wide range of theoretical perspectives that describe individual differences in student learning (e.g. Biggs 1993; Entwistle and McCune 2004; Meyer, 1995; Prosser and Trigwell 1999; Rayner and Cools 2010; Richardson 2011; SadlerSmith 1996; Vermunt 2005).
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TitelLearning Patterns in Higher Education
SubtitelDimensions and Research Perspectives
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