Student use of mathematics resources in Challenge-Based Learning versus traditional courses

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    In this study we used qualitative methods to investigate which kinds of resources students used, and how they used them, in two programmes: (1) Challenge-Based-Learning projects (CBL), and (2) Calculus and Linear Algebra courses (Pepin & Kock 2019). The main data collection strategy consisted of focus group interviews with student groups working on the CBL projects. Results show that students working on CBL projects used resources outside the realm of curriculum resources offered to them in traditional courses, including internet resources and digital modelling and signal processing tools. The supervisor appeared important to provide feedback, which for some students led to an iterative Actual Student Study Path. This may have implications for the development of a CBL curriculum.
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    TitelMathematics Education in the Digital Age (MEDA) PROCEEDINGS
    RedacteurenAna Donevska-Todorova, Eleonora Faggiano, Jana Trgalova, Zsolt Lavicza, Robert Weinhandl, Alison Clark-Wilson, Hans-Georg Weigand
    StatusGepubliceerd - 2020


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