Structure of coal: product of the rapid pyrolysis of carbon

R.S. Deelder

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    Elementary tar was obtained as a residue by the pyrolysis of coal, and some of its properties were studied as functions of temp. This permitted a detn. of the conditions under which the secondary reactions take place. The thermal degradation of coal was investigated as a complex sequence of reactions: the formation of free radicals following depolymn. constitutes the first stage. Certain generalized characteristics of the residue resemble those of the sepd. hydrocarbons, such as the index of aromaticity, mean no. of condensed rings, and the ratio of O to C. Other properties show the influence of petrographic inhomogeneity, including the ratio of H to C, and the distribution of H. Pentacyclic ring structures were also discovered. Phys. studies of the tar showed its oligomerous character; the oxygen appears to catalyze the polymn. of the monomeric units. A distribution of monomeric units in the hydrogenate was established according to the no. of rings and the degree of alkylation. [on SciFinder (R)]
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