Stream analysis, a practical tool for innovators and change agents

A. Kastelein

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To survive organizations have to innovate and to change. Fundamental questions are: * Which strategies and tools could be applied succesfully in the everchanging environment? * Are the identified instruments effective iri our business? * Do we need professional support? In more than a dozen projects in different organizations (in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom) stream Analysis proved to be a broad and general method for guiding planned change and innovation in organizations. It offers a conceptual framework for organizations that will help managers and change-practitioners to better understand and improve organizations and their innovative activi.ties. Drawing on that framework, the paper describes an approach for: - diagnosing failings in organizational functioning; - planning a comprehensive set of specific change activities needed to change the organization into a more effective and innovative system; - implementing alterations in a system's character and functioning; - and tracking the actions taken. From 1988 till now, stream Analysis was effectively applied at Ingersoll Rand, AT & T, Philips, Volker Stevin, Mercedes-Benz, DAF, several hospitals, and other companies. Experiences with this method, developed at Stanford University and improved at Eindhoven University of Technology, showed the method to be powerful.
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TitelImplementation of innovations : papers for the ISPIM conference, Eindhoven University of Technology, September 5-8, 1993
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UitgeverijEindhoven University of Technology
StatusGepubliceerd - 1993
Evenementconference; 9th International conference of ISPIM; 1993-09-05; 1993-09-08 -
Duur: 5 sep. 19938 sep. 1993


Congresconference; 9th International conference of ISPIM; 1993-09-05; 1993-09-08
Ander9th International conference of ISPIM


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