Storage conditions of oxytocin in a tropical climate in a low- income country

Ella Larissa de Vries (Corresponding author), Anne Antonia Cornelia van Tetering, M. Beatrijs van der Hout, Luc Jozef Johannes Derijks, Simon Peter Sseguya, Imelda Namagembe, Josaphat Byamugisha, S. Guid Oei

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OBJECTIVE: To establish the storage conditions of oxytocin in a health facility in a low- income country with a tropical climate, as suboptimal storage may lead to ineffectiveness of drugs essential to prevent and treat post-partum hemorrhage.

METHODS: At Mulago National Referral Hospital (28 000 - 33 000 deliveries/year) in Kampala, Uganda, temperature logging Safe-Rx cards were placed in boxes of oxytocin and in every known storage location. The route of the boxes through the hospital was tracked for 54 days, and storage conditions were observed.

RESULTS: Oxytocin was stored within the recommended temperature (2-8°C) 24% of the time. The average temperature measured within the oxytocin boxes was 18.2°C, with a minimum of -2.3 and maximum of 30.4°C. Six out of twelve known storage places had a refrigerator, yet not one location stored medication at the recommended temperature constantly. The average temperature in the storage places ranged from 9.5 to 27.6°C, with a minimum temperature of 2.3°C and maximum of 30.9°C.

CONCLUSION: Oxytocin is not stored in the recommended temperature range for the majority of time. The presence of refrigerators does not ensure adherence to advised temperature storage conditions.

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TijdschriftInternational Journal of Gynaecology and Obstetrics
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Vroegere onlinedatum29 nov. 2020
StatusGepubliceerd - jul. 2021

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