Standards for quantification of EMG and neurography

Erik Stålberg (Corresponding author), Hans van Dijk, Björn Falck, Jun Kimura, Christoph Neuwirth, Matthew Pitt, Simon Podnar, Devon I Rubin, Seward Rutkove, Donald B. Sanders, Masahiro Sonoo, Hatice Tankisi, Machiel Zwarts

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This document is an update and extension of ICCN Standards published in 1999. It is the consensus of experts on the current status of EMG and Neurography methods. A panel of authors from different countries with different approach to routines in neurophysiological methods was chosen based on their particular interest and previous publications. Each member of the panel submitted a section on their particular area of interest and these submissions were circulated among the panel members for edits and comments. This process continued until a consensus was reached. The document covers EMG topics such as conventional EMG, Macro EMG, applications of surface EMG and electrical impedance myography. Single Fiber EMG is not included, since it is the topic in a separate IFCN document. A neurography section covers topics such as motor and sensory neurography, F wave recordings, H-reflex, short segment recordings, CMAP scan and motor unit number methods. Other sections cover repetitive nerve stimulation and Pediatric electrodiagnostic testing. Each method includes a description of methodologies, pitfalls, and the use of reference values. Clinical applications accompany some of these sections.

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