Stability Analysis of Thermodynamic Systems: Heat Conduction in Solids

Daming Lou (Corresponding author), Siep Weiland (Corresponding author)

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This paper addresses the fundamental difference between equilibria of thermodynamic systems and equilibria of autonomous state space systems. The notion of stability of thermodynamic equilibria is analyzed in terms of an entropy generating function that classifies as a Lyapunov function to prove asymptotic stability of thermal equilibria. The stability analysis is performed for both finite and infinite dimensional systems. It is shown how the proposed Lyapunov function naturally extends to assess stability of interconnected thermal systems. A number of examples is given to demonstrate the time evolution of the Lyapunov function.
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StatusGepubliceerd - 2020
Evenement21st World Congress of the International Federation of Aufomatic Control (IFAC 2020 World Congress) - Berlin, Duitsland
Duur: 12 jul. 202017 jul. 2020
Congresnummer: 21


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