Solvent properties of functionalized ionic liquids for CO2 absorption

L.M. Galan Sanchez, G.W. Meindersma, A.B. Haan, de

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    Ionic liqs. can be used as solvents for gas absorption operations in order to improve the process economy and general efficiency of gas sepns. This work investigates solvent properties of ionic liqs. and compares them to amine solns. used for absorption of carbon dioxide (CO2). The CO2 soly. into imidazolium-based room temp. ionic liqs. (RTILs) was measured at temps. between 298-363 K and pressures up to about 1 M Pa. The study includes measured values of phys. properties such as d. and viscosity of the RTILs investigated. The results have shown a remarkable effect of the bulk phys. properties of the solvent on the gas absorption rate. The absorption into amine solns. is faster than in ionic liqs. at given temps. due to the relatively high viscosity values of the RTILs. However, the very low vapor pressure and "design character" of the ionic liqs. give considerable advantages as a solvent compared to amine solns. It was possible to increase the ionic liq. volumetric gas load almost threefold by attaching functional groups to the ionic liq., whereas for the traditional amine solns. the max. gas load is stoichiometrically limited
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