Sojourn times in finite-capacity processor-sharing queues

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Motivated by the need to develop simple parsimonious models for evaluating the performance of wireless data systems, we consider finite-capacity processor-sharing systems. For such systems, we analyze the sojourn time distribution, which presents a useful measure for the transfer delay of documents such as Web pages. The service rates are allowed to be state-dependent, to capture the fact that the throughput in wireless data systems may vary with the number of active users due to scheduling gains or channel collisions. We derive a set of linear equations for the Laplace-Stieltjes transforms of the sojourn time distributions, conditioned on the number of users upon arrival. This set of equations is solved, and the resulting LST's are inverted, resulting in a phase-type distribution for the unconditional sojourn time. Numerical results are provided, and two types of approximations are proposed that substantially reduce the computational effort.
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TitelNext Generation Internet Networks, Proceedings NGI 2005, Rome, Italy, April 18-20, 2005
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