Smarter urban governance: towards an integrative approach

A. Pereira Roders

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Urban governance is the software that enables the urban hardware to function, ensuring adequate legal frameworks, efficient political, managerial and administrative processes, as well as strong and capable local institutions able to respond to citizens’ needs (UN-HABITAT, 2015a). Urban governance can become ‘smarter’ to help cities perform better by learning from the past, creating the present and enabling the future. Through a variety of e-solutions and new technologies, smart urban governance enhances the efficiency of complex urban systems, increases the quality and delivery of basic services, addresses environmental challenges and disaster risks, and empowers citizens through access to knowledge and opportunities (UN-HABITAT, 2015b). In this context, ‘smart’ approaches can help achieve the sustainable development goals (SDGs) in making cities and humans settlements more inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable.
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TitelCulture Urban Future
SubtitelGlobal report on Culture for Sustainable Development
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