Slip casting of hydroxyapatite ceramics

R.A. Terpstra, J.C.T. Heijde, van der, P. Swaanen, X. Zhang, G.H.M. Gubbels

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The processing of commercially available hydroxyapatite powder by atmospheric slip casting is discussed. Powders are heat t reated before use in order to increase the solids loading in suspensions. Mixtures are prepared in an attrition mill. Colloidal stability (as a function of pH and deflocculant concentration), casting, drying and sintering behaviour are studied. Strength values obtained from baIlon-ring tests on as slip casted and sintered samples are used to optimize this processing route. The maximum strength measured in this way is 177 ± 25 MPa.
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TitelThird EURO-Ceramics : vol. 3 : Engineering ceramics : Proceedings of the third European Ceramic Society Conference (THIRD ECerS), held on 12-17 September 1993 at the Madrid Congress & Exhibition Centre, Spain
RedacteurenP. Duran, J.F. Fernandez
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StatusGepubliceerd - 1993


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