Slim cables, compact cross-bonding and corrected distance protection

N.G.H. Steentjes, J. Pellis, J.C.M. Rossum, van, M.J.M. van Riet, W.F.J. Kersten

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In the Netherlands, high voltage connections will increasingly be realized using cables as it is very difficult to get permits for overhead lines. Pirelli and Nuon are continuously improving the design and production of the cables for increased reliability and capacity as well as lower costs. To this end, the present XLPE insulated cable has been optimized using a thinner primary insulation and lead sheath. The layout of production has been improved to lower manufacturing costs. Cable capacity has been improved by the choice for a thinner lead screen as well as increased use of cross-bonding. A cross-bonding box has been developed that allows capacity to be increased significantly at limited additional costs. The distance protection of cables has been revised to correct the calculation error caused by the return current in the screen. It is shown that adequate correction can be achieved using a real value which depends only on cable characteristics. This considerably eases implementation into new and in existing systems.
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TitelProc. Cigré Session 2004, 29-30 August 2004, Paris, France
StatusGepubliceerd - 2004
EvenementCigré 2004, August 29-September 3, 2004, Paris, France - Paris, Frankrijk
Duur: 29 aug 20043 sep 2004


CongresCigré 2004, August 29-September 3, 2004, Paris, France
AnderCigré Session 2004, Paris, France


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