Simulation of EMC behaviour

A. Wachters, W.H.A. Schilders

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This chapter describes methods that are used to perform simulations of the electromagnetic behavior (EMC) of multilayer interconnection systems. Such a system consists of a number of planar conductors immersed in a configuration of homogeneous media of different permittivity bound by parallel planes. Examples of such systems are printed circuit boards, integrated circuit (IC) packages, filters, and passive IC's. A strong interplay is required between analytical and numerical techniques to obtain an efficient way of simulating devices. The fourfold integrals that represent the electromagnetic interaction between charges and currents in two elements of the discrete domain can be called as interaction integrals. Evaluating fourfold integral with singularities is not a trivial task, and requires a lot of tedious work. The chapter also shows that, even in rather elementary tasks like numerical integration, sophisticated algorithms must be used to handle the complexity of the problem.
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TitelNumerical Methods in Electromagnetics
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