Shear Wall with Outrigger Trusses on Wall and Column Foundations

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A graphical method of analysis is presented for preliminary design of outrigger truss-braced high-rise shear wall structures with non-fixed foundation conditions subject to horizontal loading. The method requires the calculation of six structural parameters: bending stiffness for the shear wall, bending and racking shear stiffnesses for the outrigger, an overall bending stiffness contribution from the exterior columns, and rotational stiffnesses for the shear wall and column foundations. The method of analysis employs a simple procedure for obtaining the optimum location of the outrigger up the height of the structure and a rapid assessment of the influence of the individual structural elements on the lateral deflections and bending moments of the high-rise structure. It is concluded that all six stiffnesses should be included in the preliminary analysis of a proposed tall building structure as the optimum location of the outrigger as well as the reductions in horizontal deformations and internal forces in the structure can be significantly influenced by all the structural components.
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