Separation of quality concerns in the development of distributed real-time systems

M.R. Mousavi, G. Russello, M.R.V. Chaudron, T. Basten, M.A. Reniers

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This paper addresses the issue of separation of concerns in the design and implementation of distributed real-time systems. It gives an overview on the activities done in the theoretical and practical domains of the SACC (Software Architecture = Components + Coordination) project in order to provide a support for this idea.
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TitelProceedings 3rd PROGRESS Workshop on Embedded Systems (Utrecht, The Netherlands, October 24, 2002)
Plaats van productieUtrecht, the Netherlands
UitgeverijSTW Technology Foundation
ISBN van geprinte versie90-73461-34-0
StatusGepubliceerd - 2002
EvenementWorkshop Embedded Systems (Progress02) 01-10-2002 - Utrecht, Nederland
Duur: 24 okt 200224 okt 2002


WorkshopWorkshop Embedded Systems (Progress02) 01-10-2002
AnderWorkshop Embedded Systems (Progress 2002); Utrecht (NL)


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