Separability of imprecise points

F. Sheikhi, A. Mohades (Corresponding author), M.T. de Berg, A. Mehrabi Davoodabadi

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An imprecise point p in the plane is a point represented by an imprecision region IpIp indicating the set of possible locations of the point p. We study separability problems for a set R of red imprecise points and a set B of blue imprecise points, where the imprecision regions are axis-parallel rectangles and each point p∈R∪Bp∈R∪B is drawn uniformly at random from IpIp. Our results include algorithms for finding certain separators (which separate R from B with probability 1), possible separators (which separate R from B with non-zero probability), most likely separators (which separate R from B with maximum probability), and maximal separators (which maximize the expected number of correctly classified points).
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TijdschriftComputational Geometry
StatusGepubliceerd - feb 2017

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