Security of a Continuous-Variable based Quantum Position Verification Protocol

Rene Allerstorfer, Llorenze Escolà Farràs, Arpan Akash Ray, Boris Škorić, Florian Speelman, Philip Verduyn Lunel

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In this work we study quantum position verification with continuous-variable quantum states.
In contrast to existing discrete protocols, we present and analyze a protocol that utilizes coherent states and its properties. Compared to discrete-variable photonic states, coherent states offer practical advantages since they can be efficiently prepared and manipulated with current technology.
We prove security of the protocol against any unentangled attackers via entropic uncertainty relations, showing that the adversary has more uncertainty than the honest prover about the correct response as long as the noise in the quantum channel is below a certain threshold.
Additionally, we show that attackers who pre-share one continuous-variable EPR pair can break the protocol.
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StatusGepubliceerd - 15 jan. 2024
EvenementQuantum Information Processing 2024 - Taipei International Convention Center, Taipei, Taiwan
Duur: 13 jan. 202419 jan. 2024


CongresQuantum Information Processing 2024
Verkorte titelQIP 2024
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