Scheduling for flow-time with admission control

N. Bansal, A. Blum, S. Chawla, K. Dhamdhere

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    We consider the problem of scheduling jobs on a single machine with preemption, when the server is allowed to reject jobs at some penalty. We consider minimizing two objectives: total flow time and total job-idle time (the idle time of a job is the flow time minus the processing time). We give 2-competitive online algorithms for the two objectives and extend some of our results to the case of weighted flow time and machines with varying speeds. We also give a resource augmentation result for the case of arbitrary penalties achieving a competitive ratio of O(1/epsilon(log W + log C)(2)) using a (1+epsilon) speed processor. Finally, we present a number of lower bounds for both the case of uniform and arbitrary penalties.
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    TitelAlgorithms - ESA 2003 (11th Annual European Symposium, Budapest, Hungary, September 16-19, 2003. Proceedings)
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