Scaling energy justice by co-creating global philosophy

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Energy justice is still too ‘western’. Scaling energy justice needs world philosophy in which traditions creatively interact at specific points in the philosophical and policy arena. I address three exemplary issues. The energy justice concept itself seems too western, and the Hindi Nīti, Nyāya and the Chinese yi concepts are discussed. The role of ‘community’ and ‘nature’ are illustrated by Ubuntu, the Chinese tianxia, the Kazakh Ethical Code and
aboriginal ethics. Upscaling technologies and the energy concept are discussed by Greek, Daoist and Buddhist worldviews. These issues show the relevance of scaling energy justice by co-creating global philosophy.
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StatusGepubliceerd - 2019
EvenementOZSW Annual Conference 2019 - UvA, Amsterdam, Nederland
Duur: 15 nov. 201916 nov. 2019


CongresOZSW Annual Conference 2019
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