Rotary combustion device

A.I. Berkel, van (Uitvinder), G.J. Witteveen (Uitvinder), R.J.M. Bastiaans (Uitvinder), L.P.H. Goey, de (Uitvinder)

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Rotary combustion device (1) with rotary combustion chamber (4). Specific measures are taken to provide ignition of a combustible mixture. It is proposed that a hollow tube be provided coaxially with the axis of rotation (6), so that a small part of the mixture is guided into the combustion chamber. At the position of said axis of rotation (6) the mixture is ignited (8), and said ignition extends to the combustion chamber (4). For stabilization of the flame in the combustion chamber flame stabilization means (17, 27, 37, 47, 57, 67) are used. The flame stabilization means can comprise heat distribution means, (37, 47, 57) such as spokes, ribs, scales and the like. It is also possible to supply external heat (17). Another option is to provide a radiator (67).; In order to promote the combustion, it is also possible to arrange for the combustion chamber to extend radially relative to the axis of rotation. The combustion gas flow in this case can be directed towards the axis of rotation as well as away from the axis of rotation.
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