Robust multivariable feedback control of natural gas-diesel RCCI combustion

A. Indrajuana, C. Bekdemir, X. Luo, F.P.T. Willems

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Advanced combustion concepts such as Reactivity Controlled Compression Ignition (RCCI) demonstrate very high thermal efficiencies combined with ultra low NOx emissions. As RCCI is sensitive for operating conditions, closed-loop control is a crucial enabler for stable and robust combustion. The feedback design is complex due to the coupling between inputs, such as intake manifold temperature, blend ratio (BR), and air-to-fuel ratio (λ), and, on the other hand, combustion parameters. Contrary to earlier, parallel SISO approaches, a multivariable feedback control strategy is applied, which uses a new combination of control parameters. Following the linearisation of a validated multi-zone RCCI combustion model, a MIMO feedback control strategy is designed. This cycle-to-cycle control strategy uses diesel injection timing, diesel fuel quantity, and natural gas (NG) fuel quantity information to track the desired engine load, ignition delay, and a new control parameter: BR. The designed controller is validated with simulation cases for disturbance rejection and simultaneous multivariable reference tracking. Simulation results demonstrate robust performance, effective decoupling action, and fast settling time (within 3 engine cycles) of the designed controller.
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Pagina's (van-tot)217-222
Nummer van het tijdschrift11
StatusGepubliceerd - 23 jun 2016
EvenementIFAC International Symposium on Advances in Automotive Control - Kolmarden, Zweden
Duur: 20 jun 201623 jun 2016

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