Reusing systems design experience through modelling patterns

O. Florescu, J.P.M. Voeten, M. Verhoef, H. Corporaal

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Based on design experience forreal-time systems, we introduce modelling patterns to enable easy composition of models for design space exploration. Our proposed approach does not require deep knowledge of the modelling language used for the actual specification of the model and its related analysis techniques. The patterns proposed in this paper cover different types of real-time tasks, resources and mappings, and include also aspects that are usually ignored in classical analysis approaches, like task activation latency or execution context switches. In this paper, we present a library of such modelling patterns expressed in the POOSL language. By identifying the patterns that are needed for the specification of a system, the POOSL model can be automatically generated and analysed using its related tools and techniques as illustrated in two case studies.
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TitelAdvances in Design and Specification Languages for Embedded Systems : Selected Contributions from FDL'06
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StatusGepubliceerd - 2007

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