Rethinking reinforcement for digital fabrication with concrete

Domenico Asprone, Costantino Menna, Freek P. Bos, Theo A.M. Salet, Jaime Mata-Falcón, Walter Kaufmann

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The fabrication of novel reinforced concrete structures using digital technologies necessarily requires the definition of suitable strategies for reinforcement implementation. The successful integration of existing reinforcement systems, such as steel rebar, rods, wires, fibres or filaments, will indeed allow for printed concrete structures to be designed using standard structural codes. However, reinforcement integration has to be compatible with either the specific printing technique adopted for the structural element production or with its shape. This paper provides a systematic overview of a number of digital fabrication techniques using reinforced concrete that have been developed so far, proposing a possible organization by structural principle, or place in the manufacturing process.

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TijdschriftCement and Concrete Research
StatusGepubliceerd - 1 okt. 2018


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