Representing variability in enterprise architecture: a case study

N. Rurua, H. Eshuis (Corresponding author), M. Razavian

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Organizations that operate on an international scale have a high variation of business operations, caused by country-specific regulations and compliance requirements. The differences in requirements lead to variability in the designed business processes and their supporting applications and infrastructure technology. Such variability should be represented in enterprise architectures, which are structures that align business operations to IT. However, current approaches to enterprise architecture are agnostic to variability. The paper presents an explorative case study, performed at an international high-tech company in the area of electronic invoicing, in which a solution for representing variability in enterprise architecture is designed. The developed solution has been validated by company experts.
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TijdschriftBusiness & Information Systems Engineering
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StatusGepubliceerd - 8 apr. 2019


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