Removal of small particles from a porous material by ultrasonic irradiation

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A study has been made of the removal of small particles from a porous material by means of ultrasonic irradiation. To that purpose a microscopic theoretical model has been developed to calculate the force of a traveling acoustic wave on a spherical particle attached to the wall of a smooth, cylindrical pore inside the porous material. This force was compared with the adhesion force between a small particle and a pore wall. From the comparison between the two forces the conditions were found, at which particles are detached from pore walls and removed from the porous material. The transformation of the results gained from the microscopic model to macroscopic property (permeability) of the porous material was made by means of the Kozeny relation. The aim is to be able to understand and predict qualitatively the influence of relevant parameters on the ultrasonic cleaning process. Predictions made with the theoretical model were compared with data from experiments carried out with ultrasound to remove particles from Berea sandstone. The agreement is reasonable.
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